The Expo hunt

The Expo hunt runs throughout the Expo: from 14th February through 6th March.

Not all Exhibitors at the Expo take part in the hunt, but you can easily identify those who do by the 3D model of the expo logo that is rezzed on their store sign. There are no landmarks given for the hunt, so we simply advise you to TP to one of the sims and start exploring. Hunt items cost 10L each, with 100% donattion to RFL.

Hints are found here Be aware that the exhibitors aren’t required to give hints, so you won’t find a hint for every store.

!! Follow US !! Love message @school._S.M_. Big Misery Bear - Tiger[MO] Hope Blocks Ad{Sickly SWEET} Allison BucketAD - Framed Sketch 'The House that Jack Built' - Charles VoyseyDragon Pavilion Hunt PrizeGarden Snail adHandG 2016 Hunt Gift-Life Art-Mermaid DreamsLibrary Ottoman - Safari FurPlaid Chair Set Ad_Shabby_ Sweetheart Fieldsbroken creek hunt giftCW-RFL Hunt ItemThe Maui Pavilion by Galland HomesFL ME Piccadilly Circus Collectionby Chiana Oh - Because, Owls.. [Odette] [ad] RFL H&G Expo Hunt_RnB_ Mesh Rug - 8 Oriental-Moroccan Textures (copy)rfl_felt_ball-ad%Percent Hunt Item - Sand Art Box - RFLH&G16[ht_home] neo-baroque picture frame 4_3~Libertine~ 15 February AD[Mesh] House Plant Pet Bed _ by Dekute DekoreUSB - Hunt Item

-Hanaya- Fairies Garden Birdhouse Hunt Gift [mesh] Image


2016 H&G hunt clock_001

Paper-Cranes- Expo Hunt-Gift- meadowWorks.png