Meet Oyo Breedables at auction today at 12 noon SLT

Oyo Auction_001.png

Oyo brings a great variety of unique creatures, great and small, life like and fantastic, to their auction at Hope 2 today.

Your auctioneer of the day is Nissa Oh, and your taxi is waiting.



Learn about building at the Home and Garden Expo!


Today sees the first of our classes in the Theatre on Hope 5, run by the very popular and highly experienced team at Builders Brewery. Details of this class below.

You can find out about all the classes the Brewery will be running on our special courses page here.

8:00 AM SLT
Instructor: Jayden Firehawk
Location: Theatre on Hope 5

Ever wonder how great builders get their prims so perfectly aligned? In this class, students will learn the fundamental building trick of Snapping to the World Grid, which enables quick and precise prim placement, sizing, and alignment as you build. This skill is a prerequisite for most of the other classes in the Building Tricks Series.

PREREQUISITES: This is a Beginner Level 2 class, meaning that you should have basic building skills, including the ability to rez and edit prims, and apply and adjust textures.

It is not necessary to have attended any of the other classes to attend this one. The Building Tricks classes are numbered for convenience but are freestanding, meaning that they can be taken in any order, though it is highly recommended that the Building Tricks #1: Snapping to the World Grid class be taken first. The rest of the classes do not have to be taken in any particular sequence.


Show and Tell at the Expo!

Prim Perfect is running a series of Talks and Discussions at the Expo (you can see the full schedule here) and at 5pm SLT today we have the first of our show and tell sessions.

Designers are invited to bring along new work, work in progress or even something old that they think people would be interested in seeing. Last year these sessions were a treasure trove of the weird, the wonderful and the jaw dropping!

So come along to watch – or to take part!

What will YOU bring?


Light a Wall of Hope at the Expo!

Help light the Wall of Hope at the Expo!
Help light the Wall of Hope at the Expo!

We need your help to light a Wall of Hope! By sponsoring part of the walls of the Theatres on Hope 2 and Hope 5, you can make it light up in joyful colors as well as support the fight against cancer.

Once you have claimed your slice of the wall — your Slice of Hope — you can add a commemorative message if you wish. Others will be able to see your message by clicking your slice.

To sponsor a slice, simply:

• Pick an uncolored slice and stand close to it.
• Click the slice; you will be prompted to select your donation. Please note that the minimum amount is L$500, but you may of course donate any amount above that.
• Next, enter your message. Please complete it within 60 seconds. You may change the message later.
• A slice will be sent to your inventory.
• Your slice will light up and periodically change color.

Please note:

• When you make your donation, a message announcing this will be broadcast in nearby chat.
• When you change your message, it will be announced in nearby chat.
• Others can see your message by clicking your slice.

All proceeds from the Wall of Hope will go directly to the Relay for Life of Second Life.

The Wall of Hope more fully lit towards the end of the Home and Garden Expo in 2016
The Wall of Hope more fully lit towards the end of the Home and Garden Expo in 2016

Find A Store at the Expo!

At the Expo
At the Expo

With nine regions packed with your favourite Home and Garden stores, it can be hard to know where to begin at the Home and Garden Expo!

But we now have a guide to which stores are located where at the Home and Garden Expo. This should help you find your favourite stores – and discover some intriguing new ones!

You’ll find large plots and small – and little groups of stores  arranged together, which are full of surprises and hidden treasures!

Calling All Designers! Join the Conversation at the Home and Garden Expo with Prim Perfect!

Home and Garden 2016 - Prim Perfect Talks
Home and Garden 2016 – Prim Perfect Talks

Prim Perfect has run talks at the Home and Garden Expo since (gulp) 2011 … and we’d like to invite YOU to be a part of this year’s series of talks with designers, landscapers and creatives within the Home and Garden market.

These talks will take place inside the central auditorium on Hope 5.

We’re planning to host events at 2pm (and, if needed, 5pm) every day.  If you would really LOVE to give a presentation, but can’t make that time, contact us and we will see if we can fit you in.

We are happy to host talks, presentations, interviews, question and answer sessions and show and tell events.  It’s an opportunity for designers to share ideas, for people to meet their favourite creators, for communities to come together and talk about their culture and ideas.  We’re very open to hosting what YOU want to tell us about!

Home and Garden 2016 - Prim Perfect Talks
Home and Garden 2016 – Prim Perfect Talks

If you would like to be a part of our programme at the Expo, please complete the form below with your topic and preferred dates and times. We will try to fit in as many people as we can!


Registrations are Open!

Registrations are open!

Vendor registrations for the 207 Home & Garden Expo are now open. This year’s event will run from May 19th to June 4th.

We are introducing a new, sponsorship level, Nickel, which caters to exhibitors with modest space and land impact needs.

Please see this page for information on the various sponsorship options. Before signing up, please also review the Rules, Terms and Disclaimers.

Spaces always sell quickly, so register today! The sooner you register, the better the chances of getting the type of parcel that you want.

2017 Home & Garden Expo registration form