More Information about the Decorated Houses 2021!

The people decorating the houses in Hope Street on Hope 3 were asked to list the three items (minimum) that they had placed in the house that were purchased from RFL vendors at the Home and Garden Expo.

They were also invited to add, if they wished, more details about the items used in the decoration, stories about their houses, and links to any blogs or social media where they talked about the contest.

This is what they have shared (you will also find it in the information boards outside each house in Hope Street on Hope 3):

House 1:  The Palomar by Cain Maven, decorated by Demri Nova and Carina Heartsong

Three purchased items RFL vendors:
1. Kaerri – Auckland Set
2. Sahi Designs – Fulham Country Club Shelves
3. ChiMia – Retro Credenza

Main designers used are:
Fourth Wall
Original artwork by Digital Artistic Impulses

Flickr Link:
(It’s PG so no worries!)


House 2:  The Villa Barona by La Petite Vie, decorated by Chloe Dolores

Expo Items Used :
1. Parisien Dollhouse by ChiMia.
2. Boho Wall Organizer by [QE Home].
3. 50s Wall Clock by Eclectica.
4. Pompeii Fountain Waterjug by *TRB*.
5. We Are Watching Wall Art by Poppy.
6. Cave Painting by AndreiaRocha.

Chloe’s Blog:

Chloe’s Flickr:


House 3: The Skwer by Maven Homes, decorated by Corvi Ashdene and Chris Wycliffe

RFL items
Little Jar of Positivity by Widdershins – 100%
Painting: Status, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021 by Jennifer Steele – 100%
Welcome to the Porch sign by Ecce Bellus – 100%
Painting: Poppy by Nina Camplin – 100%
Painting: Azimuth30 Window of Hope by Greg Parker – 100%
Painting: Lovely Weather for Ducks – Picture by Widdershins – 50%
Umbrella Ducky Pond by Widdershins – 50%

Designed By Dinkies
A tale of two Dinkies tackling the job of decorating a Biggie House for the Home & Garden Decorating Contest

We had a ton of fun doing this!


House 4: The Lido House by Ex Machina, decorated by AvaJean Westland

RFL Items
!! Follow US !! Mademoiselle – Beauty Survey Kit
Sahi Designs – Parisian Dreams Boudoir – Cutesy Framed poster
Simple Reflections – Spiral Wood Wall Art


House 5: The Beach House by Scarlet Creative, decorated by Terra Tepper

Why did you decide to enter the contest?
An impulse! I have not been building in SL for a few years and this gave me an excuse to do something that I truly love doing.

Which house did you choose, and why?
House #5, beach house by Charlotte Bartlett. It has a good combination of open and closed spaces. It is basically a neutral canvas to work on, which attracted me most.

Tell us about how you’ve decided to decorate, and why.
Two concepts came to mind, one for function and one for aesthetics. Functionally, I included items that make covid isolation bearable: good books, creative pursuits, and connection with nature. The style is casual and eclectic which appeals to me in a beach house.
Aesthetically, I challenged myself to work with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021: Illuminating (a bright yellow hue) and Ultimate Gray (a true neutral). When I saw the annual color announcement, I thought…. what an unfortunate combination! However on further reflection, it speaks very much to the moment and our need for excitement as well as security. The yellow & gray palette proved surprisingly flexible to work with for this event.

Did you come across any problems?
Slow rez on the sim! It took awhile for textures and items to pop into existence, so I was never sure if they were going to show up or not.

How do you feel about the way it has turned out?
I liked the way it turned out. Decorating the house also gave me a punch list of generic items to make up in Blender, when I have the time, that I can use on future projects.
I am also happy to be building for RFL again!

Requirement for items bought from RFL vendors:
[10:24] ACS HG Vendor – OFFICIAL v24: Your item “Victorian Bookshelf – PG (Boxed)” has been given. Thank you!
[10:24] Second Life: ACS HG Vendor – OFFICIAL v24 owned by Sethos Lionheart gave you ‘Victorian Bookshelf – PG (Boxed)’ ( Hope 5 (0,96,24) ).
[10:24] ACS HG Vendor – OFFICIAL v24: Your donation has been recorded! Thank you! 2021 HG Expo total contributions to date: L$2488127
[10:29] ACS – Park Place Clarimond Wing Chair w Blanket: Your item “[Park Place] Clarimond Wing Chair w/Blanket -PG-Texture Change” has been given. Thank you!
[10:29] Second Life: ACS – Park Place Clarimond Wing Chair w Blanket owned by Dee (deann.dufaux) gave you ‘[Park Place] Clarimond Wing Chair w/Blanket -PG-Texture Change’ ( Hope 2 (158,196,25) ).
[10:29] ACS – Park Place Clarimond Wing Chair w Blanket: Your donation has been recorded! Thank you! 2021 HG Expo total contributions to date: L$2488398
[12:16] Nerenzo couch sofa set “Kobe”- cuddle: Your item “Nerenzo couch sofa set “Kobe”- cuddle (box)” has been given. Thank you!
[12:16] Second Life: Nerenzo couch sofa set “Kobe”- cuddle owned by Vic Nerido gave you ‘Nerenzo couch sofa set “Kobe”- cuddle (box)’ ( Hope 5 (5,47,25) ).
[12:16] Nerenzo couch sofa set “Kobe”- cuddle: Your donation has been recorded! Thank you! 2021 HG Expo total contributions to date: L$2638327
[14:50] ACS HG Split Vendor – OFFICIAL v24: Your item “Konoha – Black-Forest Boulders v.018” has been given. Thank you!
[14:50] Second Life: ACS HG Split Vendor – OFFICIAL v24 owned by Pond Inspector Gihn (gihn) gave you ‘Konoha – Black-Forest Boulders v.018’ ( Hope 2 (55,13,22) ).
[14:50] ACS HG Split Vendor – OFFICIAL v24: Your donation has been recorded! Thank you! 2021 HG Expo total contributions to date: L$2667907


House 6: The Mira by Cain Maven, decorated by dergirlo Resident

RFL items:
Suzy’s bakery Sugar Skull Chocolate Cake
Widdershin’s Little Jar of Positivity
Sterling Wear – Dinkies Resting Spot Garden
Aloura – divider shelf organica
Aloura – table lamp cast in stone
Cosmos – gnarled red rose bush in round stonewear planter
Ever Green – Menu Driven Apple Barrel Swapping Game
Magnetic – Repurposed Wagon Gnome Planter
Solum – Wipe your Paws Mat
Gallery One – La Flores
Izo – Gold Japanese Screen

Hunt prizes:
Dinkie Hammock
[MC] Monster Plant Throne
[MC] Push lawn mower – dinkies
AMU Hamster

H&G Items:
Weelandia – Ami’s Garden Bug seats
Lobo – Meditation Mannequin Lamp
Lobo – Side Bed Night lamp
Weelandia – Dinkie Car Seat Red
Weelandia – Dinkie Car Seat Blue
Weelandia – Dinkie Car Seat Purple

Story :
The dinkies at #6 The Mira have had to adjust, like everyone else, to a new way of life. Gone are the spurious trips, the eating out, Keeba concerts and spontaneous PAWTEES with all their friends. A quieter lifestyle ensues.

Working at home and watching TV soon lost their charms ….
So they tried new hobbies like painting …
Gardening …
Learning new skills like
waffles on the grill ..
and piano …

The days are filled with gaming…
truly absorbing discussions ….

Time spent communing with nature …

There are always meals to be had …
Tea to drink …
Music to listen and dance to …
and the nights bring their own little joys like movie nights outdoors …
or marshmallows (sometimes waffles) at the firepit ..

After a long day both wee dinkies retire and get some well deserved sleep before starting yet another day of quarantine.

Photos found at :


House 7: Casa Blanca by reBourne Prefabs, decorated by Tiny Twig

Design Items used from RFL Kiosks:
Widdershins – Little Jar of Positivity
Love – Moorland Grass
.:Ecce Bellus:. Welcome to the Porch Wood Sign
Black.Sand Della Rovere Sofa

Other Items Purchased from Expo
[DKO] Pompula pillow White
*TRB* – Pompeii Plate BREAD
*TRB* – Pompeii Plate APPETIZER
.:Ecce Bellus:. Park South Tapestry Pillow
~Trove~ Vintage Suitcase Table teal


Main Stores Used
Apple Fall
Dust Bunny
Fancy Decor
Never Totally Dead
The Loft & Aria
What Next


House 8: The Casa Blanca by reBourne Prefabs, decorated by Chic Aeon

RFL Items:
[F] Ocean Waves – Day & Night Ambience F A D E D Faded Banana
-CW- Table Top Fountain (Boxed) Crystal Witch
Exterior Sconce – Cain Maven



House 9: The Mira by Maven Homes, decorated by Prokofy Neva


The year is 2042, and Lavanda Ross, who seemingly went down on the Titanic in our story last year and was mourned by her country squire husband Randolph Ross, has in fact survived, lived in secret in New Bedford, MA with her son, Ray Ross. Years later, she secretly returned to upstate New York, only to find that Randolph had died. She is now 134, having extended her life first with Tibetan herbal potions while treking with Roerich in the mountains, then through yoga practice and the government’s vaccines and neurolibrium, its ubiquitous protein, credit, and news system.

After she drifts apart from an affair with Charles Squire, architect, and her son departs for an ashram in India, she is out of funds when the postal systems cease working and fail to deliver Social Security checks after the banks collapse. She bunks in with Carter Blanc II, her nephew, whose father Carter Blanc I, the honorary consul of our previous episodes was jailed for forgery, his fate now unknown. Carter II’s line of business seems to be “herbal supplements” but there isn’t a plant in the house, only strange barrels and crates of chemicals and some sort of…Life Form in the shower.

Life is bleak, with one pandemic after another, depletion of oxygen and toxicity, and survival dependent on plant aquarium oxygen tanks, the GovCub, and the neurolibrium, which supply scant news and credit, now that the Internet has broken down.

When her sister, Aunt Lil, comes for an extended visit to ride out the latest pandemic, she faints at the discovery of the Life Form, frowns at Carter’s many excesses and insufficiencies, but has no choice but to crash at the Biosphere, being totally out of funds — and oxygen. Now, Lavande is more determined than ever to light for the territories. If only Ray would get here with the car, and pull her old RV off the lot…

Finally, when she has been packed and ready for weeks, and Carter’s “business partners” an antics around the house have both sisters totally on edge, Ray arrives. Unwittingly, he removes a great treasure Carter had been hoping to sell to one of his shady contacts — and at the last minute, mother and son take pity on the Life Form, and decide to take him with him.

When they stop for fuel in Juanita, the Life Form escapes, while Ray is looking for donuts…

There items selected for the decor from RFL Vendors:
*KW* Hot Green Tea Set by wanntannmenn of *Kwaii*
Paintings: “The Unknown” by kyliequinn and
“Not a Drop in the Ocean” by kyliequinn
Paintings: “Dreaming Flowers by Viktor Saviour
“Frozen Flowers” by Viktor Saviour

Recommended: turn off streaming music so you can hear the music of the group Biosphere and the various sounds on the lot.

Don’t look in the oven.

Prokofy Neva
Owner & Manager
Ravenglass Rentals
Shaman’s Hut


House 10: The Scarlet Creative Beach House, decorated by Sarabi2theextreme Resident & Yoni2sweet Resident

RFL Items and Land Impacts:
Entry way/Stairs: 32Li
!Lobo Minimalist Ring Fountain
[VM] glasses Shelf Dark Copy
Living Room: 43Li
Kitchen area:72Li
Balcony /Patios:


House 11: The Lido House by Ex Machina, decorated by Gem Henly

The designer of the home advertises the house as a minimalistic design. I decorated in a modern minimalistic style to bring the outside in. The outside is heavily landscaped so you can look through all the large windows and enjoy the scenery. I hope you enjoy the house as much as I enjoyed decorating it.

The designer of the home advertises the house as a minimalistic design. I decorated in a modern minimalistic style to bring the outside in. The outside is heavily landscaped so you can look through all the large windows and enjoy the scenery. I hope you enjoy the house as much as I enjoyed decorating it.

I used the following items from the Home and Garden Expo:

RatzCatz – Twisted Fountain Forgotten Garden Style (recolored)
Artemis Corner – Eternity fountain
Simple Reflections – Pacific Rim Modular Collection
Ex Machina – Lido House (provided)

All these listed items are from RFL vendors with direct links to the vendors’ shops.

My blog where I shared one post already about the house and will share one more later in the week.

My flickr:


House 12: The Skwer by Maven Homes, decorated by Anneliese Resident

RFL Vendor Purchases:
Black . Sand Della Rovere Sofa Set 1.0,
Konoha – Edo Freshwater, LOVE – MOORLAND GRASS PACK – ADD ME, Balancing the Light by Elin Egoyan, .: RatzCatz :. Twisted Fountain – Forgotten Garden Style

Kitchen and Dining Area:
Fancy Decor: Luxe Bench (black/silver), Mithral * Metal Wall Shelf (Silver), {vespertine} potted herb mix 2, {vespertine}-rainbow succulent bowl, EspressomMachine F-Class White B, dust bunny . kitchen clutter . spice rack . white, hive // kitchen utensils, hive // knife set, [M*M] Dishwashing Liquid&sponge, dust bunny . kitchen clutter . dish drying rack . black, [SALT] – Calma Rug – #2, {iD}CounteR (TilE), Apple Fall Apples w/ Ornamental Stand – Copper, 6.(SIIX) , Range – animated, [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Puddings dispencer, [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Oriental water line, [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Milk Dispencer, [Cinoe] Prairie delicatessen – Sauteed pork Pack, [Cinoe] Prairie delicatessen – Minestrone Pack, [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Salami&Prosciutto disp, [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Drinks Dispencer, elev8~Nobu dining table, elev8~Nobu place setting (silver), elev8~Nobu dining chair, Fancy Decor: Uber Rug,

Living Room and Stair’s Area:
BALACLAVA!! Daphne Floor Lamp, elev8~Manhattan Bookshelf (left) – marble, [Con.] Record player shelf – Silver, Black . Sand Della Rovere Sofa -Cosmopolitan Exclusive-, 15 FD & Commoner: Spero Coffee Tables, [Cinoe] Chocolate Fudge on dish (Dispencer), Gin on Tray Summer, Loft & Aria – Arion Armchair (PG), Balancing the Light by Elin Egoyan, .: RatzCatz :. Twisted Fountain – Forgotten Garden Style, Mithral * Branch Wall Display (Blue Glass), KraftWork Flora Hallway Folded Table, KAZZA – WallClockCollection – CB2, small Meringues in jar BOW MODIFIED, dust bunny . stay awhile . entryway hanger, .:revival:. enchanted swing, Mithral * Scindapsus Pictus Display (Silver), +Half-Deer+ Cozy Stringlights [Ceiling Set]

Decks 1st and 2nd Floor:
ARIA- Theros Armchair, GOOSE – Rotan lounge chair SEA

Second Floor Common Area and Bedroom:
Noveny – Holding Hand – Silver, Loft & Aria – Turin Sectional Sofa (Family/PG), [SALT] – Calma Rug – #3, Apple Fall Cushion – Tudor Trellis, Grey Small, Apple Fall Cushion – Satin Trellis, Silver, BLACK NEST / Hohto Shelving Unit, [SALT] – Calma Rug – #74, Loft & Aria – Augustine Bed (PG), +Half-Deer+ Stringlights – Ceiling – Long Loops Flat, dust bunny . giant palm plant, malone. jetta console table, [FOURTH WALL] Monochrome Art Canvas,

Bathroom Sink and Shower Area:
(luc) Kokedama, Lucky Plant, 6. (SIIX) Hello Mouthwash, 6. Panasonia Tooth Brush Black w/ Stand, Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions, Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions – Soaps, Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions – Oils, 6. (SIIX) Minimalist Towel rack, Mithral * Begonia Maculata (Pack A), ACORN Clay Towel 02, 6. (SIIX) Oil Free Facial Cleanser, 6. (SIIX) Panorama Facial Toner, 6. (SIIX) Gazelle Shaving Cream and Razor, Loft & Aria – Lian Shelf, dust bunny . ivy room divider, ACORN Earth Towel 02, ACORN Sea Towel 02

Upper Deck:
[Con.] Sylvia Outdoor Kitchen – Sofa PG, (Luc.) Hibiscus Flowers White, Potted, Fancy Decor: Mulder Fire Pit, Nutmeg. Dreamy Pastels Coffee Table / 2, {what next} S’mores Tiered Tray, {what next} Hot Chocolate Sierra Kettle & Mugs (cream), {what next} Sierra S’mores Pennant, (Luc.) Hibiscus Flowers Yellow, Potted, Elm. Zen Lounge Ivory [PG], Fancy Decor: Davis Long Panel, (Luc.) Hibiscus Flowers Orange, Potted, Terrasen Chair CHEZ MOI, Placemat Picnic Blue CHEZ MOI, SixPack DoppelBock to Rezz, {vespertine}- exotic plants / button fern, Sangria in the bucket brightblue, Fancy Decor: Blythe Dining Table, Loft & Aria – Azibo Bar – White, Beertray Royal, Whiskey No59 Wallmount dispenser, Gin white on tray, BackBone Backyard BBQ – PG, dust bunny . elephant ear plant, {vespertine}- exotic plants / ficus -rubber plant,



House 13: The  Villa Barona by La Pettite Vie, decorated by Kes Styxx (Kesi Heartsong)

Kes was a rare type. He’d bought this house to take in foster kids, but he loved art, and he loved animals.
So he had 3 children’s rooms, a horse, 2 cats, a dog, a squirrel and a couple of rats roaming around his house. Despite common misconceptions, all of his animals were well trained and not only got along with each other, but loved kids as well.
Upon moving in, he of course set about setting up for his animals first, feeding them, putting up the horse shelter, and dusting off the dog house .
Then came the art, which he placed on every wall, and finally, his own room.
it would be day two when he painstakingly put together all of the children’s furniture, and assembled it in their rooms. he had space for 2 young ones, a baby, and two teens, he hoped to be a good influence.
he bustled about his kitchen making meals for everyone because his animals got home made food just like he did, and then he went to relax by the fireplace. which one? well the one closest to the kitchen. he tucked his legs up under him and cuddled with his rats as he read a book in the deep purple chair.
As he settled into his new home, and the kids came and went as foster children were wont to do, he adjusted to the new rhythm. chores for the animals first, the older kids helped with that. the younger kids were encouraged to help by pouring feed and brushing the cats and the dog. then it was breakfast, for everyone. he’d teach the kids how to mix up food for the animals, help them feed them, then teach them to make their own breakfast while he helped. after a big breakfast it was often school time for the older kids, and the younger kids played with their new toys, looked at books, or played with the animals. right before lunch they all went together to walk the horse around the neighborhood, sometimes, if there were only toddlers, they’d all ride. he was a good horse, calm, quiet, never shied.]

Items purchased from Official RFL Vendors and used to decorate House 2:
~ Fundati’s Great Grass FATPACK (Boxed) [front yard]
~ (Fundati) Redwood Trees + Extras 1.3 [front yard]
~ !FA! Cat Table Tiny Dinkies [patio by living room]
~ :LILY: Kitchen Cupboard Set [kitchen]
~ [Teegle] “Maestro” the Hanoverian Horse [in shed]

Other H&G Items
~ CP – Fountain 2 [ by front door ]
~ [Color by Eve] Set of Five Tropical Plants – Box [front yard]
~ :SSG Cat Stair Base [art on wall, living room]
~ [MC] Dinky Corner Cuddle Puff – Kawaii
~ Noodle Couch by Wythburn [living room]
~ TDF’s Blanket Tent: Gothic Cutie *WEAR ME* [child’s bedroom]
~ TDF’s Art Deco Chair & for Dinkies [ adult bedroom]
~ TDF’s Midnight Sofa ADULT *adult menu disabled* main front room
~ Teegle Interactive Feeding Buckets [ front yard, in shed]

Flickr Posts:
13 photos, start here
FB Post:


House 14: The  Palomar by Maven Homes, Madison Gardner Palomar by Cain Maven

RFL Items:
1.outside in back of house
(HHVET Victoriana – Pupper Planter)

2021-03-11 10:56:04 c129821b Destination: SnakeLady Melody
Region: Hope 6
1) Description: ACS HG Split Vendor – OFFICIAL v24 L$30
(HHVET Victoriana – Pupper Planter)
2. outside in back of house
(Cosmos Gnarled Red Rose Bush in Round Terracotta Planter MESH 1) Region: Hope 6
Description: ACS HG Vendor – OFFICIAL v24 L$150
3. outside in back of house
(Menu Driven – Possums Love Apples Tree)
Region: Hope 6
Description: ACS HG Vendor – OFFICIAL – Possums Love Apples Tree L$150 master bedroom
(~Libertine~ Velvet Pillow, on stool)
Region: Hope 6
Description: ~Libertine~ Sabai Set VENDOR L$380

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