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We are building a team of home and garden bloggers to cover the largest and longest running Home and Garden event in SL: The Secondlife Home and Garden Expo 2022, which runs from 26th February to 20th March, with blogger access the 24th.

To make Expo a success we need this to be a group effort. We want everyone to be seen, large and small, new and old. To help with this we will be assigning you to one of the 9 regions (Hope 1 through 9). We Expect the following:

  • Post at least 4 blogs of things from Merchants in your assigned areas. Once you have filled this requirement you are free to blog anything else at the Expo that you would like. PLEASE remember to blog the smaller and lesser known stores, not just the big stores that everyone knows.
  • All blog posts must credit all items that are used, their creators, and be linked to the Expo website as well as the event inworld.
  • Fill out the provided Google Form each time you post so that the link can be added to the website’s blog area.
  • DO NOT post any Expo blogs until the 26th when the Expo has officially opened.

We are very thankful for your time and effort in helping the Home & garden Expo and Relay for Life through your posts.

Bloggers report to Corvi Ashdene & Christien Wycliffe


The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!

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