Rules, Terms & Disclaimers

General Information

The following guidelines are provided to help you plan your Expo Exhibit within the event’s requirements. The requirements are determined as to be as lag friendly as possible and also keeping in tune with the overall atmosphere of the Expo that we want to achieve. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

The Home & Garden Expo is an event that seeks to support Relay For Life of Second Life, as well as its exhibitors and guests.  Expo exhibitors are required to have ONE (1) Relay For Life of Second Life 100% donation item at the Expo. These items must be new and exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event.

You can find more info about Relay For Life here.

Policies, Guidelines and Disclaimers

By registering to become an exhibitor and/or sponsor, you agree to abide by all rules and guidelines set forth in the Linden Lab Terms of Service and the Expo Policies (This document). You also agree that you have read, fully understand and accept all policies, guidelines and disclaimers governing the event.

Registration is open to builders of homes, decor, garden and landscaping products, rezzable pose props, and artists, as well as to building schools, and purveyors of merchant and creator tools used in the design of the aforementioned items. Registration and sponsorship fees are due at the time of registration acceptance.  Registration to the Breedables Fair is limited to breedable creators and markets.

The Expo reserves the right to deny any application without explanation. The registrant will be notified should an application be denied. Once an application is accepted, registration and sponsorship fees are non-refundable; no exceptions are made.

Similarly, access to the the Expo regions during the Press Preview (24th February), Soft Opening Day (25th February)  and the main event, is at the discretion of the Expo, and may be denied to any resident without explanation.

General Policies

Exhibitors’ and/or sponsors’ presence at Home and Garden Expo is at the sole discretion of the Expo, and products and displays (or portions thereof) may be returned if they are suspected of breaching any of the guidelines governing the event, and all registration and sponsorship fees will be forfeit.

Exhibitors and/or sponsors and staff are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their representatives at the event. Abusive, lewd, hateful, or other inappropriate conduct will result in their ejection from the event, and all registration and sponsorship fees and privileges will be forfeit.

Donation Requirements:

  • In addition to registration and/or sponsorship fees, all exhibitors must have at least ONE (1) 100% donation item for sale in official Home and Garden Expo Relay for Life of Second Life vendors for the duration of the event.
  • Artists who have signed up for a 25LI display must have at least one(1) 100% donation items for sale in official Home and Garden Expo Relay for Life of Second Life vendors for the duration of the event.
  • Breedables markets sell items that are no copy to themselves, and cannot use official Home and Garden Expo Relay for Life of Second Life vendors. Breedable markets are required to donate at least one (1) breedables auction (with donated objects) where all proceeds are paid to an official Home and Garden Expo Relay for Life of Second Life donation kiosk.
  • The required donations items must be new (making their debut at the Expo), and must be exclusive to the event for the duration of the event.

Optional donation items may be offered for the auctions and are most sincerely appreciated. See the associated pages on this site for more information.

Content Policies

All items distributed (sold or freely given) by exhibitors and/or sponsors must be their own original creations, or creations compiled with components for which they have legally obtained licenses for commercial use or are in the public domain, and must in no way breach the intellectual property rights of their original creators.

Exhibitors and/or sponsors retain all intellectual property rights associated with their original creations, unless otherwise assigned through licenses or limited licenses.

Exhibitors grant the Expo a limited license to use any logos and product ads provided to promote their participation and/or sponsorship of the event in Second Life and on third-party websites, such as, but not limited to in-world shopping guides and promotional materials, event sign boards, Expo related blogs, RFL of SL websites, and other online sites and services.

Exhibitors and/or sponsors agree that the the Expo regions will be open to photographers and machinima producers, and that photography and filming will not only be allowed, but also encouraged during the entire event, beginning with the Press Preview day.

All content displayed at The Expo must adhere to moderate audiences.  Absolutely no nudity or other adult content may be depicted in pictures or demonstration models.  Adult versions of rezzable content may be sold in the exhibitors’ own vendors, provided they clearly state that the items are adult in nature.

Display Policies

Exhibitors will gain access to the Expo regions and will have at least five (5) days to set up.  Display footprints will be provided in exhibitor kits. We strongly encourage pre-building displays at your home/store locations, using the footprints provided.

All walkways, welcome areas, parks, common areas, and general signage are provided by the Expo staff.

All exhibitor areas are assigned in accordance with registration, payment and acceptance. Assignments and location particulars are at the discretion of the coordinator. Reasonable requests will be entertained, but may not be viable due to extenuating circumstances and/or previous assignments or requests and no guarantees are made.

We encourage all exhibitors to exercise caution and care with the use of scripts in their displays and on their avatars. A low-lag event is in everyone’s best interest. We ask that you use discretion, and turn off scripts, particles and sounds where possible.

Overhanging items may be returned to their owners without notice. Moreover, the Expo is meant to be a friendly and open space — displays should reflect this.

Displays must be complete by the assigned set up date and time, including the required donation vendors. Press Preview day is arranged to give you the best possible publicity, and is not a set-up day.

  • All display items must be wholly contained within the the confines of the display footprint.
  • The Expo is a friendly and open event, and privacy screens are forbidden.
  • Fences and decorative walls should be used sparingly, and should not exceed three (3) meters in height. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the staff if these items are sold at the Expo. Parcel surrounds of all kinds are explicitly not allowed, even if they are invisible from one side, as this will obscure the view for other exhibitors and visitors.
  • Land impact limits must be strictly observed. Official RFL donation item vendors are not counted against land impact limits.
  • No displays may exceed 20 meters in height, measured from the region’s water level. Exceptions may be made for castles, trees, spires, and other slender, decorative attachments and for prefab builders and landscapers. To keep the landscape open, please try to limit height near paths to 10 meters or less. Exceptions are at the discretion of the coordinators, and should be applied for well in advance of set-up.
  • Platforms and displays in the sky will be limited to skyboxes only, and arrangements must be made with staff in advance of set-up. All display items in the sky must be wholly contained within the the confines of the display footprint.
  • No greeters, automatic group inviters, automatic landmark offers, traffic counters, or other listening and/or sensor devices are permitted.
  • Only the official HG Store Info Board is allowed as a group joiner, subscriber and landmark giver. These are limited to one per display area and will be provided by the Expo organizers. They are distributed through the group you join when accepted, so stay in it!
  • No holo-vendors or temp rezzers are permitted.
  • Floating text (hovertext) must be turned off.
  • Animals must be in posed mode at all times. Roaming/animated animals will be returned without further notice.
  • No floating or falsely elevated store signs, particle shows, poofers, fireworks or light shows designed to attract attention from afar or which interfere with other displays are permitted.
  • The Expo is a showcase event, and you will benefit from displaying your actual products. Though not encouraged, multi-item vendors will be allowed within reason. Automatic product rotation must be turned off.
  • Events like the Expo have high traffic, which may cause lag. If you use networked vendors, we suggest that you use the event versions of your vendor system (if available) to avoid failed deliveries. CasperVendors without event scripts will not work on the Expo regions.
  • No scripted pets or breedables are permitted, except in displays designated for such products on the Breedables sim.
  • No tip jars, donation boxes, or other RFL team vendors and/or kiosks are permitted.

Additional terms and rules may apply to events held at the Expo.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!

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