Breedable Auctions

The following Auctions are scheduled in the Theatre on Hope 2

Saturday 27th 1 PM (New time):
Stray Cats Auction
Auctioneer: Nicolyti Resident

Sunday 28th 12 Noon:
Oyo Auction
Auctioneer: Nissa Oh

Tuesday May 30th 1 PM:
KittyCats auction
Auctioneer: Deianira Dai

Thursday June 1st 5 PM:
Papillon Auction
Auctioneer: Renessme Frostbite

Friday June 2nd 12 Noon:
KittyCats Auction
Auctioneer: Ivy Lane

Saturday June 3rd 1030 AM:
Multiple auctioneers
One of a kind / Specials

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