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Mesh Flowers for home and garden
A great selection of mesh roses in pots, in clay, in vase, in hand and bridal bouquet. Spring flowers and other plants ….

RVi Design offers a variety of personal, indoor and outdoor accessories, builds and landscape designs. We specialize mainly in rustic decor and styles vary from the today’s country feel to the medieval and ancient fiction worlds where Elves, Dragons and Faeries come from! Our customers are primarily home owners and/or role-play groups members.

Park Place Home has a large assortment of fine furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, and dining rooms. There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden as well as original artwork and decorative accessories.

ChiMia sells furniture, decor, accessories, props, and more for Second Life avatars and homes.

Simple Reflections Logo

Simple Reflections creates original mesh to cater to your home and garden needs.

Polymorph provides high quality 3D mesh statues for interior and exterior decoration. We offer a wide variety of artistic creations, both classical and original.

Original Mesh, Historical Fantasy Furniture and Accessories

S2 ~ One of the leading creators of roleplay items and buildings, since 2011. S2 is committed on creating original, quality products for Role-Playing, focusing on public use buildings and installations, and props for home and work, bringing more realism and usability to any scenario.S2

Shop our variety of realistic & fantasy home & garden items. Grass, trees, mushrooms, houses, furniture, fairies, steampunk, alien, gothic, winter, autumn, spring, Country Christmas & more!

Home and Garden Furniture & Decor
100% Original Mesh
Indoor/Outdoor, Firepits, Fountains, Furniture, Decor and other miscellaneous items

Elegant, Eclectic, Vintage, Plants and more. Unusual decor pieces. Low land impact meshes.
Over 15,000 quality products on Marketplace

Amazing, traditional, modern or retro, you’ll find your happiness

%Percent Retro & Vintage
All mesh sold by %Percent is original, made by Plato Novo, and exclusive to %Percent unless otherwise stated, (collaborations with other creators, artists, etc.)
Sahi Designs logo
Sahi Designs – Tasteful Modifiable High Quality Coordinated Furniture for Your Home and Garden.

Ex Machina specializes in Steampunk, Cyberpunk, sci fi, industrial and antique architecture and design

I sell classic antique furniture with quality animations and texture change options.

Velvet Whip Logo
High quality mesh furniture, clothing & props to enhance any RP experience. From Medieval to Fantasy, from Vintage to modern, plus outdoor / indoor seasonal decor. Great food selection, gacha, accessories

Creating magic, fae and elven inspired products to spread joy, mysticism and magic through the grid. Ranging from sim decor and buildings, to Plants, make up and jewellery, we bring many magically touched creations to brighten up your world.

Icaland ind. makes mesh 3d items for Second Life and other grids since 2014.

Galland Homes

Moonley Inc. was created in 2018 andspezialises in pictures frames of all sorts from Children style to Gothic, from funny to sad. For everyone and every occasion.

Colorful mix of Lamps, Neon Signs, Shoes, Seasonal Decor, Outdoor Structures, Gachas and New: Adult Rated Decor

Affordable Furniture Store Including: Home Furnishings and decor, Themed Furniture, Outdoor Furniture and PETITE Furniture.

Where you will find individual pieces , Couches and Decor in Carefully chosen textures and thoughtfully done animations….regularly updated.
I make furniture , it’s not huge but it’s with love. It’s also what I do in Real life

[CIRCA] Living represents a mix of styles, showcasing our versatility in design and vast themes. Our collections consist of modern, vintage, fantasy, and time period themes. We incorporate our real life design experience into each project with careful attention to detail, style, and functionality. At both of our Home & Garden sims, you will find high quality furniture, creative lighting, unique decor, & prefab builds in our various design ranges.

Medieval (historical in general) and Fantasy creations

High-Quality Original Mesh Furniture. Sex furniture made with top quality animations. For indoors and outdoors; romantic to bondage and BDSM; home or club, there is something for everyone.

Back in 2013 I opened Blueberry Patch that is a Coastal Maine Shoppe that I dedicate to my sister that always wanted to open a store in Maine..God rest her soul. I provide the community with high quality mesh items and all original work that is done by me. From interior decorating to exterior plants, buildings, furniture, sceneries, diorama’s and so much more. Blueberry offers a great variety of items.

Prime (including also Known as) is your purveyor of handcrafted high end master suites in a variety of styles. PRIME is rainbow friendly, and our furniture is suitable for FF, MF and MM couples.

Dench Designs Furniture and Garden Store, low cost, Low Land Impact and high quality.

Maker of old music players – Edison, Victrola, Gramophone – and wind sculptures.

* Color * by Eve is the expression of the creativity which unite the nature with humans and animals under the principle “All under the sun”

Full perm mesh for builders at great prices

The Mission of Huntress Inc Is To Bring The Everyday Breeder And Person A Place They Can Call Home Without Any Harassment Or Feel Unknown. There Is A Breedable For Every Breeder At Every Level Of Breeding.

gacha and furniture

This extraordinary garden is open 24/24h for your gardening desires of different inspirations: tropical, Asian, Western, Northern …
You will find many accessories indispensables to make your property a beautiful piece of paradise: trees, planters, plants, screens, etc. …
You will also find everything you need for your wedding: wedding bouquets, boutonnieres for the gentleman, set wedding …..
See you soon Regards Crazy Garden Team

Glas Houses

Aphrodite Shop

Steelhead Outfitters

Stone’s Works has been involved in Relay Events since 2009 in some way, whether putting out vendors for different teams or building regions. Primarily known for hats, jewelry, and dragons we are proud purveyors of a variety of items in SL.

DFS Digital Farming System

DLS Digital Living System

GA Slime Breedables

Shiny Toy Store

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!