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Prime (including also Known as) is your purveyor of handcrafted high end master suites in a variety of styles. PRIME is rainbow friendly, and our furniture is suitable for FF, MF and MM couples.
SL20 Magazine
Sahi Designs logo
Sahi Designs – Tasteful Modifiable High Quality Coordinated Furniture for Your Home and Garden.
Park Place Home has a large assortment of fine furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, and dining rooms. There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden as well as original artwork and decorative accessories.

Simple Reflections Logo

Simple Reflections creates original mesh to cater to your home and garden needs.

%Percent Retro & Vintage
All mesh sold by %Percent is original, made by Plato Novo, and exclusive to %Percent unless otherwise stated, (collaborations with other creators, artists, etc.)

Moonley Inc. was created in 2018 andspezialises in pictures frames of all sorts from Children style to Gothic, from funny to sad. For everyone and every occasion.

Medieval (historical in general) and Fantasy creations
Eclectic and sometimes eccentric offerings of food, furnishing, fashion, fun , buildings, photo props, landscaping and more. Creating whatever catches our imagination and offering it up to enrich your enjoyment of Second Life be you a Biggie, Kid, Tiny, Dinkies or Chibit!
[QE] Designs & [QE] Home
Broken Creek Decor
TRB A Woman’s Touch
Tirrany Designs
LouChara Designs
RVI Designs
Cheval D’Or
Dench Designs
Blueberry Patch

Ani-Cats Breedables
Rhyme Nor Reason
Jane & Finch
Simply Designed
Run for the Roses
Ana’s Stuff
Evolving Images
Artemis Corner Sculptures
Luna Mare Designs
Swank & Company

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!

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