Home and Garden One of a Kind Auction – 2017 H&G Expo finale

This year’s Home and Garden Expo is coming to an end, and in celebration, we will auction some VERY special donations at 12 noon June 4th in the theatre at Hope 5. All proceeds from this election will go directly to Relay for Life of Second Life.

Items for auction include:

Casa Rosella Sales Poster PS 512

Once upon a time, a faerie built the Edgewood Folly. It combined Tudor, Colonial, Victorian, Gothic, and Italianate architectures, all crossing over one another with their five fronts facing out. A couple years later, the faerie became curious what the Italianate would look like by itself. Once the front was finished, the house began to whisper what should come next, and one room led to another until the house was finished and ready … for Home & Garden!

Cassie Eldemar,
Little, Big Designs

The Casa Rosella is a one of a kind mansion, that will only be sold once, at this auction, and it is displayed on Hope 2.


The Sandpiper

Varriale Design offers the furnished version of The Sandpiper, which can be seen on Hope 2



This auction item gives you the very special opportunity to have an episode of Second Life’s highly popular weekly show, Designing Worlds, about your favourite place,  past-time, event or organisation in Second Life.

If you win this item, the Designing Worlds team will work with you to create a show that will be shown as part of our regular season on all our broadcast channels.

Our only stipulation is that – as Designing Worlds is a family, freely available show, there must be no adult-rated content.


Rainbow Sunset

The sky is a very abstract rainbow or what a rainbow would look like if you were inside of it. A symbol of Hope.

This Auction item is not only an SL artwork, but also a real life watercolour painting, which will be mailed to the winner. So the winner of this auction will not only have a lovely painting for their Second Life Home; they will also receive a copy to display in their real life home – and one with an amazing story behind it!

A message from AJ’s:
AJ’s only opened in April of 2017, we are brand spanking new! We offer various types of art work, using different mediums. All of this work was created by my daughter who is currently 16 years old, Her current favorite medium is watercolor. I think her work is fantastic, drop by and have a look for yourself!


A wonderful opportunity from Culprit Mesh Furniture and Prefabs which enables you to be a superhero to your friends. You may choose up to 50 no transfer items from the fabulous Culprit and send one or a few to each of your friends.


Kaerri is well known for elegantly designed and stylich furniture. If you win this auction, you will receive all new releases from Kaerri – including events and limited editions – from June 5- Dec 31 2017.



Select up to 15 items from the beautiful and stylish store also Known as. These items can be delivered to yourself, or gifted to anyone you want.


Torgon's Logo

Torgon Woodget of TDS Services is famous for his scripting skills which has led to brilliant tools loved by, for example, KittyCats owners and breeders, as well as his amazing Book Creator. Now you have the chance to bid on one of his most fun creations – well, actually, THREE of his most fun creators! Torgon’s auction will be a set of three large scale rollercoasters for your region or amusement park, each promising a different experience.


LEP ~ OOAK Midnight Rose Cottage AD

Love Everlasting PlantPets sells a full line of seasonal home and garden decor, as well as the complete catalog of PlantPets breedable, growing, plants. Their OOAK item for the 2017 Home & Garden Expo is the fully furnished Midnight Rose Cottage.


Toys Design Logo

ToysforMales of Toys Designs offers fun creations for your home. If you win this auction, you can select 10 items from Toys Design to be delivered to yourself or gifted to a friend.



Our last item is Aruba Decuir‘s SL artwork

Bleu Blanc Rouge, Hommage a Matisse, Special Edition, RFL Auction

The painting measures approximately 5*5 meters, and comes with a special frame


You can place pre-bids on auction items by visiting the kiosks in the theatre at Hope 5. The winning bid at 11 AM June 4th will be the opening bid at the live auction that starts at 12 Noon in the theatre at Hope 5.

If you would like to place a bid on any item here, but won’t be able to be inworld at 12 noon on Sunday, send a notecard to Reven Rosca with your full name and the HIGHEST bid you would be prepared to make for your chosen item! Reven (or another Home and Garden Expo team member) will then place bids on your behalf, increasing the amount incrementally until your highest level is reached.


Breedables Grand finale auction 10.30 AM SLT Saturday 3rd June

Grand Finale Auction.png

The grand finale auction at the 2017 Home and Garden expo will be held Saturday the 3rd June at 1030 AM SLT.

All items are donated by breeders and creators, and all proceeds and tips will be donated to RFL. All auction objects are displayed in the theatre on Hope 2 and equipped with RFL auction boards. The winning bid on these auction boards will be the opening bid at the live auction. If no new bids are given during the live auction, the winning bid from the auction board will be the winner.

The following objects are already up for viewing and bids in the auction theatre.
1. ABC Friesian Pet horse
2. ABC Friesian Pet horse
3. ABC Friesian Pet horse
4. ABC Lipizzaner Pet horse
All donated by Oldesoul Eldamar

5. KittyCats! Red Tabby Megapuss
Donated by Michelle011997 Resident

6. Full set of 2016 Genesis furs in teacup size
Donated by Arwen Swordthain

7. KittyCats! Female Abby Normal collectible
Donated by Ivy Norsk

8. KittyCatS! RFL – A Journey Of Promise – Tin Man and Lady
Donated by Winterschains Resident

9. KittyCatS Pair of RomantiCatS! – Knight Time and Dainty Damsel
Donated by Kayla Woodrunner

10. KittyCats! Pair of ScareCrowS!
ScareCrowS! – Orchid Mist Boy Petite
Donated by Michelle011997 Resident
ScareCrowS! – Orchid Mist Boy
Donated by Ivy Norsk

11. KittyCats Pair of Baroque Babies
Donated by Michelle011997 Resident

12. KittyCats! Pair of MonSter MaSh – CREEPY CREEP and BOO-HOO BEAST
Donated by Michelle011997 Resident

13. KittyCats! Wild FlowerS! – Citrus Blossom female
Donated by Michelle011997 Resident

14. KittyCatS! Full set of World Soccer 2014 costumes
Donated by Ivy Norsk

15. KittyCatS! Full set of FlowerS & ShowerS Costumes
Donated by Moonlightpeg Maven

16. Pair of Enchanted Breedables RFL2014 Bears
Donated by Kayla Woodrunner

17. KittyCatS! Pair of RFL – Century Of Hope Lad and Lady
Donated by MissSasha Topaz

18. Casa Rosella mansion
Donated by Little Big Designs
Will be OOAK if sold for 20.000L or more
MOVED to Home and Garden Auction Sunday 4th

19. KittyCatS! Male Maneki DreamS – Togetherness Dream Megapuss
Donated by Delwyn Druth ~ Pixelancer ~ for RFL Home & Garden Expo

20. OOAK Stray Cats – Spring Farmer RFL of SL 2017
Donated by Stray Cats

21: Dumboso Mini Elephant
Donated by Oyo Breedables

22: Jamton Mini Elephant
Donated by Oyo Breedables

Donated by LickN Wonder

24: KittyCatS! Pair of Easter Bunny kittens
Donated by Deianira Dai

25: KittyCatS! Male Confetti – CocoBerry Megapuss

Donated by Mondi Beaumont
26: Papillon – Full set of 8 Tribal Wisps (No food needed)
Donated by Papillon Breedables

27: Papillon – Sibling Pair of Mondo Triple Beautiful Mutations
one Triple Bonsai
Donated by Papillon Breedables

28: Papillon – Mating Pair of Triple Fairys & OOAK Fairy Shelter
Donated by Papillon Breedables

29: KittyCats! – Full set of Tapestry Eyes in both Genders
10 cats in total (Various donors)

30: KittyCats! – Full set of 2014 Halloween LE Eyes in both Genders
12 cats in total (Various donors)

31: KittyCats! – Full set of Gerbera eyes in both Genders
9 cats in total (Various donors)

32: OOAK Giant sized Matey catS! Cap’n Blood Permapet
Donated by KittyCats!

33: OOAK Giant sized Matey catS! Wenchy Blood Permapet
Donated by KittyCats!

In addition:
1 raffle board with various breedables (Please look into contents of the box)
(Various donors)

1 Raffle board with a full set of 2016 Olympic KittyCats
(Various donors)

5 Raffle boards with 10 KittyCats each. All of these include one Megapuss and at least one other special size, and a mix of new and old traits.
(Various donors)

The Raffle boards will be drawn at 23:59 Saturday the 3rd June