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Congratulations. You have signed up for the 2021 RFL Home & Garden Expo but still have a couple of questions? Read on for a comprehensive list of answers.

Firstly. General questions are probably answered somewhere on the webpage, primarily in the Frequently Asked Questions/Intellectual Property/Rules, Terms & Disclaimers sections under the For Exhibitors section on the tab on the left hand side of the webpage. Please refer here first to see if we’ve got the answer for you in writing:)

Also. please please please make a note of the parcel or store size you have signed up for and the relevant prims for that space. Yes, it really only does take a minute for us to open the spreadsheet and a couple more minutes to find you on it. But if you multiply that by 100x a day. It can become quite a time consuming thing and even organizers sleep sometimes.

For anything you can’t find on the website, feel free to ask in group chat. there is usually someone there who can point you toward the answer you need and they are all nice. Even Kaerri.

Where do I send my store logo: Dergirlo is in charge of these so send to her inworld please. Format MUST be full permission, 512×512 only and no alpha textures.

Donation Items: Yes it is true, for this year we only require ONE (1) 100% donation item.

Vendors/Donation Kiosks: Are available in group notices from the Tool Requestor attachment. Hunt objects and instructions will be sent before set up starts.

RFL Donation kiosk for payment: (please remember to send Kaerri Rae a notecard with transaction details on it)

CasperVend – May be used but you MUST use the event script version and we ask that you turn off the autoscrolling option



Below is a list of dates we have so far:

18 February 2021 – Regions are delivered by Linden Labs.

20 February 2021 (evening SL Time) – We hope to let you all in to begin setting up your parcels/stores.

24 February 2021 (Midnight SL Time) – Setup to be finished or as close to as possible.

25 February 2021 – Blogger day.

26 February 2021 – Soft opening.

27 February 2021 – Open!

Assorted other people to talk to if you need them:

Oldesoul Resident – Entertainment and General questions

Saffia Widdershins – Live talks & decorating competition.

Kaerri Rae – General questions ( but no talking to her18-20 February 2021)

Deann Dufaux, AllieKat44, Mike8774 – General questions.

UnderCoverLady, Madison Gardner, Roshy Aura, Deann Dufaux, BB Woodford – Help setting up store spaces, terraforming etc.

Kammie2 Resident – Blogger Manager and all things blogger’y

Dergirlo Resident, Marcel Mosswood -Website.

Home & Garden Expo 2021

Here Is The Date!

The largest and longest running home and garden event in SL, The Home and Garden Expo returns the 27th February to 21st March 2021. Exhibitors will have access to set up their displays as early as 20th February, and the regions will be open for preview for our blogger team on 25th February. (Possibly earlier access for set up depending upon when regions are received and ready to roll) 

The Home & Garden Expo is an event that seeks to support Relay For Life of Second Life, as well as its exhibitors and guests. Expo exhibitors are required to have one (1) Relay For Life of Second Life 100% donation item at the Expo. This item must be new and exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event. RFL of SL also benefits via the Gachas, where proceeds are evenly split between the Creator and RFL of SL.

Please see the web page Exhibitor Options for details, costs, store sizes and associated information on all parcel sizes.

Last Days of H&G Expo 2020 sale!

Last Days Of H&G Expo 2020 Sale!

Kaerri Altana Pavilion 500L Full Set reduced 70%

Rustica Steampunk Faucet 1 Linden

The Grove Estates
One months FREE rent with purchase of any parcel at The Grove
Buy voucher from box here for 0L

Chilly Pigeon

Loggin’ Off Homes

Little Big Designs

Unflat Stuff All kitchen items 50% off.

Dead on Time Clock @ 50% discount (usually 150L, now 75L) 3

Kaerri Reduced to 50L each.

Lumino All these cabinets 50% off.

Glas Houses
All the homes, including the Expo exclusive homes, discounted by 50%

100L each, reduced from 225L

Cats Claw Designs 99 Lindens till end of Expo. Regular price 199L

50% Off the Neon Vapors Photobooth (Now 113 L$)

Rumah Kita
All items in store between L$49 and L$99

Terra d’ombrA Reduced to 100L from 180L

/studioDire/ Has Marked the Following Items Down 50% to L$50.

Garden Center Simona

60 Lindens

Blue Moon Atelier Discounting both RFL 100% Vendors:
“Phoenix” and “Hummingbird Ring” Framed Prints – From L$199 to L$100

Little Scamp Designs

Reduced to 75L
Reduced to 99L

EED Home & Garden All 4 items 50% off regular price

Ashbourne & Co. Discounting both RFL 100% Vendors:
Key to My Heart Necklace – From L$249 to L$100
Key to My Heart Earrings – From L$199 to L$50

=EC Designs=
For the final week, we have dropped the price on every vendor by 50%.

Firelight Art and Photography

Framed Pictures (modifiable so you can resize, etc). Normally 250L each. Sale at Event was 199L per photo. In addition, two pictures are further reduced to only 100L for the duration of the Home&Garden Expo Event..

Flying Arts

Was 500L, now 250L
Was 300L, now 150L


Fitzhugh Nicely

Thong’s Outfit:  B BOS“Rosy Outfit” with HUD for bra and panties plus piercing for Legacy and Maitreya bodies available @ XXX Original Event

Thong’s Pose:  .lovelysweet. (a We Love To Blog designer) “Saiko” set includes 6 bento poses available @ .lovelysweet. on MP

Thong’s Nails:  Leksana“Pink Cocoa” with HUD for Maitreya hands exclusively available @ eBENTO

Hair:  KMH“F128 Hair”
Ears:  Swallow“Pop Pixie Ears”
Choker:  Kibitz“Cottonia”

My Pants:  Hero“Alessandro Pants” in versions for Signature, Slink, TMP and classic bodies available @ Swank Events

My Necklace:  Rebellion“Intrepid” with HUD available @ Swank Events

My Pose:  Serendipity Poses “jacob” set includes 5 bento poses and mirrors available @ Serendipity Poses store

Armband:  Legal Insanity“Barbed Wire Armband”

Hot Rod: 5TH~ Western Prefabs“Copper Head Rat Rod” available @ RFL Home & Garden Expo

Photo taken at Copper…

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2020 Home and Garden Expo in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld


The 12th Home and Garden Expo (HGE) in support of Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society, opened on Saturday, February, 2020 and will run through until Tuesday, March 3rd. Taking place across ten regions (Hope 1 through 10), together with two Linden Homes preview regions presenting the range of currently-available Linden Homes, the event offers some of the finest in home, garden, and furnishing designs available across the grid.

With over 100 exhibitors taking part, the event offers something for anyone who is looking for a new home, ideas for furnishing and décor, wishing to improve their building (or other) skills, or who just wishes to keep abreast of the latest building / home trends in Second Life.

The Home and Garden auditorium and one of the gacha malls

As always, the Expo there will be a range of events and activities, including

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