It is a 2D art gallery in SL and RL, we are selling paintings and drawing

Art & Fashion creates a clothing line for woman with real art textures (drawings, photo, paintings, watercolors) and surreal sculptures.

My photography is used in vendor composites and as art in Second Life

Third Eye – a place that is designed to showcase art, particles, inspire stories, and offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate.

Creator of Digital Art and Portraiture

GalleryOne features funky one-of-a-kind original art.

I am an artist uploading her RL art to SL, I work in traditional technique, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed-media…

Show your color, be proud of your style ! =Mimido= is the place you can find what you need.

We’re a pair of artists each with our own specializations varying from graphic design and illustration to voxel and pixel art. Custom art commissions are our specialty, though we also have some voxel furnishings available! Come check us out and get a free poster of one of our most popular pieces and consider commissioning one of us for your next shop sign, character portrait, or anything you can dream up!

Initially a realist painter, I modeled my work after Alex Colville and Ken Danby. Yet, my painting style kept pulling me back to images from the Group of Seven, Kandinsky and Monet. After years of honing my style I learned that capturing the emotion of the scene, or the experience of it, was a much more satisfying journey. I paint in both acrylic and oil and prefer to combine the two, oil over acrylic.

Spanish senior artist with 35+ years of experience in digital image, infography, rendered tridimensional fractals, virtual entorns… and tens of expositions in RL and SL, colectives and alone.

I wanted to be myself, it means I have to do what I can do. Find the meaning of living in this world, because it is really important to have an aim in life, real or virtual, doesn’t matter. We are in a very unusual world. Someone treats SL as a game, for someone there is real life, and our avatars are ourselves. I paint this world as real, because being in the SL it really is. I create RL paintings as landscapes/abstract nature and drawing avatar portraits.

SL Photographer and Artist


A shop for high-quality photographs. I do primarily landscape and abstract photography. I specialize in non-edited photos; I do not use Photoshop. Some of my work, however, has been put through a program to make the photo look like a drawing or painting, only to enhance the look and feel. The original must stand on its own beforehand.

Karma Weymann

Original landscape captures by AriaRose. The photo is taken in SL with thought and a passion to capture the beauty of the location. The photo is then attached to a stylish and professional canvas backing. The wall art can be adjusted/modified by the customer.

I am a dreamer that thinks that art is important, I am continuously discovering who i am as an artist. I love working with watercolors and crayons, i do real life paintings, sketches also digital art. Among all the things i see around me, i love to draw humans the most, i just find joy in discovering what they feel through my paintings.

Zia Branner believes that “making art is rebellion against the finiteness of life”.
Art can be a guide in life. Art matters cause it offers us assistance in the project of getting on well with our lives. It is a way of expressing ourselves.
Nature and the structure of materials are a great inspiration for her. She expresses this both in abstract work as well as in figurative or impressionistic work.

Elin Arts Galeria Arte Colorido, an exhibition of mainly very colorful Real Life Paintings. But also statues, modern sculpture art and vases

My gallery is a place for collaboration of SL artists.

Original paintings from SL to SL.
AndreiaCS Writer

Real Life and Second Life photography art

Nina Camplin is an artist living in Wales. She paints landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and current issues.

An art gallery showcasing original Native American & other cultural artwork. All are welcome to view the art in the gallery, grab a cup of fresh brew, hangout with friends and take photos, or just have quiet time and enjoy the scenery!



Tresore Prada Hawkins

Max Seagate

Realistic portrait, and illustrative artist as well as a sculptor.

anibrm jung

Artwork by Llola Lane

Art Dreams

Merranda Ginssberg

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!