Home & Garden Expo 2021

Here Is The Date!

The largest and longest running home and garden event in SL, The Home and Garden Expo returns the 27th February to 21st March 2021. Exhibitors will have access to set up their displays as early as 20th February, and the regions will be open for preview for our blogger team on 25th February. (Possibly earlier access for set up depending upon when regions are received and ready to roll) 

The Home & Garden Expo is an event that seeks to support Relay For Life of Second Life, as well as its exhibitors and guests. Expo exhibitors are required to have one (1) Relay For Life of Second Life 100% donation item at the Expo. This item must be new and exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event. RFL of SL also benefits via the Gachas, where proceeds are evenly split between the Creator and RFL of SL.

Please see the web page Exhibitor Options for details, costs, store sizes and associated information on all parcel sizes.