Meet DeGirlo, owner of Flying Arts, at today’s Talk at the Home and Garden Expo!

Poster for DeGirlo

DerGirlo juggles an artistic nature, a philosophical soul and a scientific nature. A modern renaissance gal who has actually worked those type of fairs. She loves nature, books, walks, motorcycles, photography, as well as art and creation in all it’s forms.

She’ll be talking to Saffia about her store, Flying Arts. Eclectic and sometimes eccentric offerings of food, furnishing, fashion, fun , buildings, photo props, landscaping and more. Flying Arts creates whatever catches the imagination and offers it up to enrich your enjoyment of Second Life.

We’ll be seeing some of this at the Talk tonight – and DeGirlo will be offering a special gift from Flying Arts for one lucky winner of our prize draw (open to all attendees)!

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