Sunday 7th April: What’s happening today at the Home and Garden Expo?

Main Theatre
Main Theatre

It’s the last day of the Home and Garden Expo, the last day to check out all that Shopping!

But there are still events you don’t want to miss as well.

The Grand Auction
There’s the main auction today, starting at 1pm in the Main Theatre with some fantastic OOAK (One of a Kind) artefacts and offerings – including:

Bryn Oh's The Rabbicorn and Daughter of Gears
Bryn Oh’s The Rabbicorn and Daughter of Gears
  • An original artwork – The Rabbicorn and Daughter of Gears by Bryn Oh
  • A product photo session with Kess Crystal
  • 4 hours decor with consultant Tahiti Rae
  • 20.000 L$ Gift Card – Reina Photography
  • Artworks by Marcel Mosswood, Artemis Corner, illicit Sculpture and more
  • Your own episode of the TV series Desigining Worlds (on a place, event or organisation of your choice)
  • The Winter Palace of Altheim by Cassie Writer
House 6 - Casa Miraflores
House 6 – Casa Miraflores

Before the auction itself starts in the Main Theatre, we will be announcing the results of the Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest!


Music Theatre
Music Theatre

Today’s Entertainment at the Home Expo Music Theatre!

10am: Home & Garden Brought to Life by L’Amour Productions! Come and enjoy this fabulous runway production! L’Amour Productions is bringing the fabulous ‘fashion meets home & garden’ show, Home & Garden Brought to Life! This annual show is an eye catcher and one not to miss!

1-3pm: DJ Gem Sunkiller
3-4pm: Nuala Maracas or Madelyn Majestic
5-7pm: T1 Radio Time Machine with Trader Whiplash

Later on in the day, grab that dance partner and head over for some fun entertainment at the stage again with DJ’s Gem Sunkiller, Nuala Maracas (or Madelyn Majestic) and Trader Whiplash. Good times and good tunes all in support of Relay For Life of Secondlife at the Home Expo! It doesn’t get much better than that, as we wrap up the Entertainment at the 2019 Home & Garden Expo!


4pm SLT: Last Lantern Release Ceremony
Every day at 4pm, there is a special lantern release ceremony from the roof of the Main Theatre at the Expo.

Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Often the event takes place in comparative silence – a break from the busyness (and the business) of the Expo – a time to reflect, remember and mourn.

But the LAST Lantern Release is very different – a time to celebrate the Expo and all we’ve achieved. And we RIDE those lanterns into the heavens!

Set your windlight to midnight and join us – or watch from afar.

Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont