Sunday 17th March: What’s happening today at the Home and Garden Expo?

The total raised now stands at 1,512,536 Lindens.

Today sees the second day of our programme of events at the Home and Garden Expo.

At the Main Theatre:

2pm SLT: Show and Tell
A chance for creators to bring in some of their latest (or most loved) creations, and show them off to fellow creators and Expo visitors. These Show and Tell sessions are always fun – and a way of showcasing some remarkable creations!
Text and Voice

4pm SLT: Lantern Release Ceremony
Every day at 4pm, there will be a special lantern release ceremony from the roof of the Main Theatre at the Expo.
Sometimes people speak, but often the event takes place in comparative silence – a break from the busyness (and the business) of the Expo – a time to reflect, remember and mourn. Set your windlight to midnight and join us – or watch from afar.

5pm SLT: Chelsea Malibu
Chelsea is going to be talking about that immensely useful tool – AVSitter for Consumers
At the Music Theatre:
5-7pm: T1 Radio Time Machine with Trader Whiplash

Have you entered the Home and Gardening Decorating Competition yet? Entries close at the end of March 18th, so you still have time to get yours in!

You can read more about the contest here.

And finally, have you visited the special preview of the new Linden Homes?