Get your Passport for the RFL Awareness Journey at the Home and Garden Expo!

There’s something fascinating at the Expo. It’s been created by the Meeroos and BeYou, and you’ll find it on their parcels on Hope 1 and Hope 4. It’s called the RFL Awareness Journey and … well, it’s hard to find a way to describe it! It’s more than a Hunt, although you do have to find things. It’s more than a game … although you do collect lovely stamps in your special passport – and get a prize at the end (and maybe a prize on the way there too).

But more than this – it’s a way of learning about the different forms of cancer – and also helping the fight against cancer.

So how does it do all this?

Well, I made a little video to show you …

Many thanks to Meeroos and BEYou for hosting this wonderful journey!