Learn about building at the Home and Garden Expo!


Today sees the first of our classes in the Theatre on Hope 5, run by the very popular and highly experienced team at Builders Brewery. Details of this class below.

You can find out about all the classes the Brewery will be running on our special courses page here.

8:00 AM SLT
Instructor: Jayden Firehawk
Location: Theatre on Hope 5

Ever wonder how great builders get their prims so perfectly aligned? In this class, students will learn the fundamental building trick of Snapping to the World Grid, which enables quick and precise prim placement, sizing, and alignment as you build. This skill is a prerequisite for most of the other classes in the Building Tricks Series.

PREREQUISITES: This is a Beginner Level 2 class, meaning that you should have basic building skills, including the ability to rez and edit prims, and apply and adjust textures.

It is not necessary to have attended any of the other classes to attend this one. The Building Tricks classes are numbered for convenience but are freestanding, meaning that they can be taken in any order, though it is highly recommended that the Building Tricks #1: Snapping to the World Grid class be taken first. The rest of the classes do not have to be taken in any particular sequence.